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Brow Tine Industries

Makers of premium deer groceries and innovators of the newest intense protein/high sugar food plot blends and deer feed creations for whitetail enthusiasts.

Whether it's Spring/Summer antler building formulas, or Fall attraction and harvesting food plots that you deside, BTI has the newest and deadliest formulas to pull the deer from your neighboring 

farms over to yours.  Our beliefs at BTI are that if deer products aren't sweet and tasty, deer won't touch them, regardless of how nutritious they are. 

Be the envy of all your neighbors and hunting buddies, because we at BTI believe that every inch of antler has a little bit of "Story" behind it!

BTI is a family owned and operated business build on the love of the hunt and strong desire for quality family time in the outdoors. 

Rather than surrounding the company's profile with endless propaganda and promises, we at BTI set out to simply develop a better and unique blend of sweet food plot forage mixes and mineral/feed attractants for fellow whitetail enthusiasts.

It's an operation built BY whitetail hunters FOR whitetail hunters, with years of proven success.

BTI is a growing company but still believes that family time in the outdoors is the primary reason to put on our camo.

With BTI leading the way in your food plot, mineral suppliment, and feed attractant development, your time in the great outdoors is certain to rise to new and exciting levels!

BTI food plot forage blends, attractants, and mineral supplements..... Get 'em. Grow 'em. Love 'em




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